Youth Can Help
DECEMBER 2004 -- The Youth Educational Sponsorship (YES) project is an initiative to help connect youth from Western countries with children and teens in developing countries like Afghanistan in a positive and caring friendship that will nurture mutual understanding and global peace.

This project is designed to engage youth in Western countries in activities that will help raise their own self-esteem, broaden their knowledge of the world, and engender a satisfying sense of accomplishment and pride.

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HIPP's mission is to encourage and assist people across the globe to work together and find ways and means to acomplish global peace and prosperity (GPP) while preserving Human Dignity (HD) by applying the Six Pillars of Global Peace (SPGP) to educate and engage the public in resolving ongoing conflicts across the globe. .
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"I owe a great debt to the people of Afghanistan who helped put me through medical school. And I owe an equal debt to America for giving me refuge."

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Extending a helping hand can take many forms from sponsoring a widow family to becoming an active volunteer to simply helping spread the word. We'll be grateful for whatever you can contribute.
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