About HIPP...

HIPP's founder, Dr. Tajuddin Millatmal, MD; fled his native country, Afghanistan, in 1980, after he was released from jail as a political opponent of the Russian invasion and its puppet communist government in Afghanistan. Subsequently, twice he barely escaped death at the hands of Islamic extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan while assisting the Afghan freedom fighters and Afghan refugees in Pakistan. As a result, he took up residence in the United States in 1988. Millatmal worked as a medical researcher at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE; and became a US citizen in 1996.

Since 1998, he devotes his energy and continuous efforts to help his people in Afghanistan, by organizing projects to help restore some semblance of peace, order and human dignity to lives crushed by two decades of rent less killing and destruction. He is joined in this effort by a growing family of dedicated volunteers and loyal American contributors around him. HIPP's Board of Directors is comprised of a mixture of Afghans and Americans.

During the last 18 years, he implemented many of unique projects here in the United States and in Afghanistan in the areas of Education, Women Services, Peace, Democracy and Human Rights improvements. For details, Click here.