Founder’s Message:

By: Dr, Millatmal

“I owe a great debt to the people of Afghanistan who helped put me through my medical school. And, I owe an equal debt to America for giving me refuge.”

Events that occur in any part of the world, can affect us so quickly and intensely, so we can no longer maintain the feelings of safety and security even in our homes. These changes, which occur in the lives of others, require us to reevaluate and redirect our belief and action for the best of humanity throughout the globe.

Therefore, global thinking and global strategies must be a part of everyone’s life, regardless of the roles we play in our own environment.

The philosophy, which must comprise the core of our existence and that must be shared with others, is to live and enlighten others with the values of success and human compassion, that we want for ourselves. No one should be deprived of the values of democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, justice and respect. “No one cannot enjoy freedom unless all that are oppressed to be free.” “Our beloved environment will remain toxic and will become suffocating, unless we preserve, prevent, protect and promote it everywhere and by everyoneā€¯ These are the principles that Humanity International for Peace and Prosperity, Inc (HIPP) has embraced to accomplish its goals.

I, Dr. Tajuddin Millatmal, am a physician who was born and educated in Afghanistan. I was raised with these values and they have continued to inspire me as I live my day to day life. I entered into a political career at an early age, because of my desire to assist my fellow countrymen and others in the world; in adopting those values. It has been and continues to be difficult to believe in and work towards such idealism in that part of the world.

I have made many sacrifices in my life and encountered many hardships, including public humiliation by Islamic extremists for my beliefs. I was imprisoned as a political inmate for a year by the communist government, because of my opposition to their philosophy and pro-Russian policies. Soon after release from the communists’ prison, I joined the Afghan resistance to fight against communism and the Russian invasion. However, I could not embrace the inhuman, anti-democratic, and even anti Islamic actions they were engaged in and imposing power of the Islamic extremists in the so-named Holy War. In 1980, I was threatened to death and forced to leave my beloved homeland and took refuge in Pakistan. From this place of refuge, I consciously continued the struggle against the views of the Islamic extremists and the inappropriate support they have been receiving from the West and those fundamentalists enjoying their free living in the West, particularly the United States; in spite of opposition by majority of Afghan intellectuals including myself. In fact, many of those intellectuals became the prime targets of assassinations in the hands of those Islamic extremists in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and other countries, using the Western countries arms, money and political support, and ironically, the West chose to block their ears and to look the other way.

At the time, I raised my concern to the West through different means. I was interviewed twice by NBC and CNN about the negative policies of the West; that supported the Islamic extremists. At the time, I warned the West about the possible negative impacts of such policy on Afghan society, as well as the negative impact these policies may have on the West and the rest of the world down the road. Because of my political position against the fundamentalists, I became a primary target for assassination and was able to barely escape assassination by these extremists in Pakistan and take refuge in the United States.

This was not an easy decision to make, and it did not stop my efforts against the Islamic extremists. I continually educated and motivated Afghans to stand against their evil philosophies that destroyed peace, security, the dignity and freedom of Afghans. Unfortunately, the created cloud was so thick and dark, many did not embrace my vision. I established HIPP in May of 1998, to share my vision for the future and encourage others to join me in launching active and unified efforts for peace and democracy at global level.

With the help of several devoted and concerned American friends, I approached numerous politicians and government officials with written requests for action and joint efforts in freeing Afghanistan from the oppression of Taliban Islamic extremists, their outsider allies, the Al-Qaeda, and others engaged in the oppression of my people. It was sad to witness the horrendous tragedies that occurred repeatedly including 9/11 that could have been prevented, were my words were heeded and supported. It was not only that, after 9/11, as a loyal US citizen; I immediately approached many public representatives to seriously, carefully and consciously consider the next step with involving many loyal Afghans, and avoid partnering with Northern Alliance of Afghanistan, who were just as vicious as the Taliban and other extremists. Unfortunately, those advices were ignored as well, which resulted in the US longest war in the history with almost no success at all.

My strategy is simple. Establishing and supporting real and practical democracy in every one of those countries is the solution. I want your help in supporting democracy in all those countries that are struggling to survive and are being used as nests for international terrorism. I also believe that improving interpersonal and inter nationals communication and mutual understanding and respect are the most effective means for a reliable and sustainable peace. This is the most practical and ethical means to overcome our differences. In my view, the public to public relations, community-based services, and providing the kind of humanitarian assistances which’s goals are self-sufficiency and developing high self esteems, are the key to successful long lasting peace, security, freedom, and prosperity. It is my belief that people everywhere are good; and those that embrace evil are a very few among our nations. Every nation and every individual has the right and responsibility to confront and destroy their evils. It is also the responsibility of the nations and individuals, who are capable; to sincerely help those small or powerless countries that are in constant struggle against those evils, but need help.

Our world is shared and so is our sorrow. It is foolish not to combine our efforts for making this world a better place for all those who embrace the values of humanity. Please join us and help us to accomplish and offer our best to those who deserve it; before it is too late. Those of you, who share the vision of HIPP must realize that our dream is big, our task is complicated and challenging, our path is long and rough, but our destiny is a treasure for all to partake. Therefore, our efforts require passion, devotion, persistence, and personal sacrifice. Those who assist HIPP, sees this mission as the only means to achieve our goals. Those who join HIPP must make themselves ready for a long demanding journey that bears no materialistic rewards. We seek only those who have a burning desire and a compelling passion to serve others and improve the world we live in; by taking part in this journey. I am proud to be the founder of the legacy of HIPP, and I am honored to invite you to become a part of the driving force of this caravan of peace and prosperity.

God made human beings in charge of the universe for a reason and with a responsibility. His reason is to show his power and kindness through us, thus our responsibilities are to make the world a better place for all not the worse, as it is already. Now it is your chance, to act as responsible as you could to make the world a better place for all of its inhabitants. By joining us, you will be making a big difference in the life of others through a small sacrifice of your own. My sole shall rest only, when I hear that people are coming forward to help drive this legacy to its full potential.

Peace and Prosperity to everyone and may God bless us all.,Millatmal,Tajuddin MillatmalFounder's Message: By: Dr, Millatmal 'I owe a great debt to the people of Afghanistan who helped put me through my medical school. And, I owe an equal debt to America for giving me refuge.' Events that occur in any part of the world, can affect us so quickly and intensely, so...