Youth Educational Sponsorship (YES)

In this project, youth ages10-25 from the developed countries will be recruited, encouraged and assisted to sponsor youngsters ages7-25 in one of the underdeveloped countries. The sponsoring youth can choose to sponsor a male, female, urban or rural youth in one of the listed countries (currently we are working in Afghanistan only).

Majority of the today's worldwide conflicts are rooted in a lack of effective communication among people across the globe. Global conflicts such as the rise of international terrorism and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, create controversy among public, even among members of the same family. Watching graphic images of war casualties and the controversies about the war confuse youth, leaving them lost and angry.

From a medical point of view, these events may be causing emotional and pyschological damage to all youth, especially in the United States. As a result, they may be affected negatively and develop post war behavioral problems. We must find ways and means to help our youth become involved in positive activities in order to minimize these war damages to their future life. This project is design to address this issue.

Project Goals:

  • To find ways and means to connect our children with youth from other countries in order to develop greater understanding among them and build cooperation and effective means of communication.

  • An urgent intervention is needed to counteract these negative war images and the potential impact these may have both in the home and outside the home. Therefore, involving our youth in such positive things will compensate for the negative impressions they are exposed to everyday by the media.

  • Youth are very energetic and interested in being a part of something. We need to find positive ways and means for them channel their energy into constructive endeavors and programs; otherwise, they will be exploring ways that may be harmful for them as will as for the society. YES is a great way for youth to be involved in something constructive and life changing for others.

  • The practical aspects of the project are designed such that it will enhance youths’ pride and interest in this program. For example, each participant will by receiving a signup kit. This kit includes a key chain with the child picture in it as well as a T-shirt with a positive motivational message. The message may read such as: I made a difference, So can you, Ask me how! Caring the key chain and or wearing the T-shirt will generate queries and discussion between the youth and the observers. This conversation will provide opportunity to these youths to proudly elaborate on his/her involvement with the YES program. Each conversation will be followed by very positive replies and motivating and encouraging responses. These positive comments and responses will help youth realizes the importance of his/her decision and it will further encourage their role. These items will also serve as good motivational promotional items encouraging other youth to enroll in the program as well.

Terms and Conditions:
Each sponsor youth will be assisting the sponsored youth -- called Brother in Humanity [BH] -- or Sister in Humanity [SH], by providing at least $5.00 a month to help his or her educational needs.

The initial membership fee is $20.00 to be paid to HIPP. This money will be spent to locate appropriate match for each sponsor and to establish the initial communication among them. In response a youth will receive a sign up kit, that include a key chain and a T-shirt.

The monthly sponsorship fee ($5.00 minimum) is suggested to be paid on an annually, biannually or at least on a quarterly basis. The funds will be used to provide the sponsored Brother/Sister with educational supplies, even help build schools for them. At least one-year commitment is required to enroll in the program. Parents can help lend the money to their children upfront with an agreement that the child should pay his/her parents on a monthly basis.

HIPP will take your fund along with your letter (HIPP will translate sponsors letter in to the sponsored language and vice versa, if needed) to the sponsored child.

In return, HIPP will send you the receipt of your money along with a letter from your Brother or Sister in Humanity and if possible, his/her photo. HIPP will also help translate their letters to the sponsors’ languages if needed.

The sponsor will receive a key chain with the child picture in it along with brief information about the sponsored child.

Sponsor will also receive a T-shirt with a motivational and pride logo such as “I made a difference, so can you, ask me how! With a picture of an Afghan girl reading a book. There is a minimum cost for the T-shirt and the key chain.

This T-shirt and the Key chain will stimulate inquires from the viewers asking about this youth contribution. This will provide the youth an opportunity to proudly speak of his/her contribution to the education and peace at the global level. This will create positive comments about the involvement of youth in this service, which will further enforce their behavior and proud ness. Please review the attached application form or click here to print a separate copy of the application form.