Youth Engagement & Leadership Development (YELD)

YELD is a Youth serving and global leadership development program. We are specialized in youth education, behavioral training, leadership development and youth driven initiatives. Our President, Dr. Millatmal, authored his last several books specifically geared toward youth. This include “Youth & Character Building”, “Marriage, a Guide for Youth”, and “Human Rights Collection”. He conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops for youth in Afghanistan & USA. Our “Back to My Cradle (BC)’’; “Youth Educational Sponsorship (YES)” “MUNM-Club-USA” and “Youth Go Green (YGG)” programs are just a few examples. HIPP is very concerned about the ostracism of Muslim youth in Western countries and is committed to work with authorities and youth to find better and effective means that will help Muslim youth to be efficiently integrated into their new homes.

Youth Go Green (YGG)

YGG is a unique and highly appealing project, where youth are encouraged, guided and assisted to plant trees in their communities along with the Public Leaders, Parents and Community & Businesses Leaders. This project was started by Hatsanda’s, the President of YGG. parents in 2011 when Hatsanda was 2 years old. Now, this project has been expanded & adopted in four countries and 6 Cities around the world. For more information, please visit us at


MNM Mothers for the New Millennium Club (MNM) is a youth peer support award driven program that promotes abstinence for preventing pre-marital sex among youth. To learn more about MUM- Club 

This project, “Mothers for the New Millennium Club of America” (MNM Club) was initiated in September of 1999 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The idea of the program is to promote abstinence from sexual activity before marriage and prevent the use of illicit drugs among youth. This is a peer support program versus peer pressure for youth. Currently, the club is only for young ladies, but we are in the process of establishing the same type of club for boys, as well.

Youth Educational Sponsorship:

YES is an innovative HIPP initiative that helps to connect youth from Western countries with children and teens in developing countries like Afghanistan in a positive and caring friendship that will nurture mutual understanding, enhance education and facilitate global peace. This project is designed to engage the youth of Western countries in activities that will help raise their own self-esteem, broaden their knowledge of the world, and engender a satisfying sense of accomplishment and pride. To read more about this project Click here.

School of Peace:

This was the first of its kind of school in Afghanistan established with a creative idea from HIPP leadership in 2003 in Shullana Village, Chaparhar District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.